Symbols are a large part of Leet, including the use of Arabic numerals, ASCII characters, and more. This is applicable to any kind of Leet (except for 'soft leet,' or 'chatsp33k,' which use mostly letters).

Examples Edit

Here are some examples of three versions of Leet (Middle Leet, Poetic Leet, and Hardcore Leet). Note the amount of ASCII characters used in each example.

Middle Leet Edit

"PH33R M3! 1 R TEH H4XX0RZ! J00 C& ST0P M3!"

  • Note the slight readability.

Poetic Leet Edit

I R teh haxxorz,

c& j0 C?

I R teh maxterz,


  • Note the use of rhyme and rhythm. See Poetic Leet for more information.

Hardcore Leet Edit

3y3 ® t3|-| ü83® |-|/-\><cks0® uv |\|008 p\/\/n463 & 1337|\|355!!!!11oneone shift+1

  • Note the extensive use of the /, \, -, and number keys.

Conclusion Edit

ASCII, Arabic, and Latin symbols are used very extensively in Leet.

See Also Edit

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