'Middle leet' is the most common type of leet used by gamers everywhere. When soft leet grew too boring and hard leet became too hard to type/read (533 \/\/|-|47 1 /\/\34|\|?), the languages became merged into 'middle leet'. This contains more substitution than soft leet, but not as much as hard leet.

Substitutions in middle leet: Edit

4 - A

8 - B

3 - E

1 - I

6 - G

0 - O

2 - R

5 - S/Z

Z - S

7 - T

Suffixes in middle leet: Edit

-z0rz - Plural, indicating a vast amount (eg. stuffz0rz, a vast amount of stuff)

-x0r - Indicates a person, generally of some skill (eg. H4x0r (hacker, cool person) chix0r (chick, girl))Edit

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